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Psychedelic, Groovy and guaranteed to put you into a Hippie Daze if you stare at it long enough!  Get the full impact of what it meant to be a Hippie with this farout tie-dye shirt. Take a moment to read the poem that inspired this awesome tie-dye pattern below!

Add a splash of color to your wardrobe with the vibrant selection of tie dye from TotallyOldSchool.com. We put the fun back into fashion! Tie-dye is fun for the whole family so be sure to check out our kids section from Onesies to Junior sizes.

Each hand-dyed garment is a one-of-a-kind creation, made from 100% heavyweight cotton combined with rich, brilliant colorfast dyes and artistic styling. Variation is a natural part of the tie-dye process so if you see a streak or a tweak, don’t freak! It’s what makes each item unique!

Hand-Dyed in the USA! Double-needle stitched on neckline and sleeves with shoulder to shoulder taping. Pre-washed and pre-shrunk. Wash separately.

Inspiration for this tie-dye pattern:

Excerpt from “Hippie Daze”:
         by Wayne Falconer

Once we believed our hip universal ideal
Could challenge how you daily might feel
Peace, love, music’s high freedom vibe
Would change the negative draining tide.

Psychedelic color, wild style fashion
Drugs, music and heady inspired passion
Peace and love, waving demonstration signs
Such were the rapidly changing times.

Hippie scenes, hippie dreams, hippie themes
Mystic star signs, tarot cards, utopian schemes
Love pointed the way to the hippie tribal ideal
Hey man count yourself real, let ideal self feel.

Man today I've grown to rocking middle age
But no longer do I wanna swing and rage
With two growing kids, mortgage and wife
Such is the straight face of modern life.

Yet once I believed our hippie communal ideal
Would create change, make this life real
Yes man, I won't and don't forget my hip act
Hey man, yeah, that's one true hippie fact.

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