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Have the coolest looking kid in town with some of our far out tie dye!

Take a trip out into the galaxy and experience the overwhelming vastness full of  Darkness and Light; Colorful Arrays and Voids;  Spheres and Streaks;  Planets and Nebulae; in the endless expanse of Outer Space.  Where will your journey take you?

Vibrant Hues of Black, Turquoise, Yellow, Green, Pink and Purple make this tie-dye shirt a work of art!

Add a splash of color to your wardrobe with the vibrant selection of tie dye from  We put the fun back into fashion!  Tie-dye is fun for the whole family so be sure to check out our kids section from Onesies to Junior sizes.  

Each hand-dyed garment is a one-of-a-kind creation, made from 100% heavyweight cotton combined with rich, brilliant colorfast dyes and artistic styling.  Variation is a natural part of the tie-dye process so if you see a streak or a tweak, don’t freak!  It’s what makes each item unique!  

Hand-Dyed in the USA!  Double-needle stitched on neckline and sleeves with shoulder to shoulder taping.  Pre-washed and pre-shrunk.   Wash separately.

Inspiration for this tie-dye pattern:

    by: Joseph Paraschandalo 

In this time humanity must concede
All is to its source is beginning to recede
To allow Mother Earth to stop the bleed
That but once again, new birth, to life, will breathe
Spawned from galactic cycle it will again commence
Exposing revived cosmic forces sent to re-invent
Revived presence in harmony to Mother Earth’s content
Life renewed onto Her body in harmony, once again be spent 

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