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Have the coolest looking kid in town with some of our far out tie dye!

What happens when you stomp your foot in the middle of a puddle after a big rain?  Multiple shades of blue spiraling out from the center with water splashing all over the place!  That is what this tie-dye pattern is all about!

Add a splash of color to your wardrobe with the vibrant selection of tie dye from TotallyOldSchool.com.  We put the fun back into fashion!  Tie-dye is fun for the whole family so be sure to check out our kids section from Onesies to Junior sizes.  

Each hand-dyed garment is a one-of-a-kind creation, made from 100% heavyweight cotton combined with rich, brilliant colorfast dyes and artistic styling.  Variation is a natural part of the tie-dye process so if you see a streak or a tweak, don’t freak!  It’s what makes each item unique! 

Hand-Dyed in the USA!  Double-needle stitched on neckline and sleeves with shoulder to shoulder taping.  Pre-washed and pre-shrunk.   Wash separately.

Inspiration for this tie-dye pattern:

"Stormy Night"
    by: Anne Gardner                                                    

Storm is coming
    Cloudy skies swarming
    Winds slowly swirling
    Light rain sprinkling 
Barely a sound   
    Thunder banging
    Rain comes pouring
    Birds stop soaring   
People run for shelter  
    Windows closing
    Umbrellas opening
    Gutters flowing  
Streets are empty   
    Lightning streaking
    Candlelight flickering
    Fireplaces glowing   
Safe at home  
    Raindrops soothing
    Winds subsiding
    Stormy night calming 
Darkness comes 
    Morning dawning
    Birds singing
    People smiling 
A new day begins

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