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Remember when “peace” morphed from a word into a way of life?  When poodle skirts and pearls gave way to groovy tie dye and flowers in your hair?  Oh yes... those were the days!  Some great memories were made back then, and man we could tell some stories...

Some of you may have been too young or not even around yet, and that's OK, because TotallyOldSchool.com gives you the freedom to take a step back in time … and check out some groovy gear in the process.

We're all about farout clothing with all the coolest accessories.  Satiate your Bohemian side with all the tie-dyed apparel, bohemian fashions, hats, bags and some of the coolest locally designed threads on the planet!  We even have licensed gear for you Sport Freaks like no others. 

How about laying down a track with your favorite band from our vinyl department, just make sure you get the full experience while kicking it and looking up at the psychedelic tapestry hanging on the ceiling of your Love Shack.  That's right!  We can help give your free-spirited Love Shack a facelift with all of the hottest tapestries, concert posters, black lights and more.  We have something for everyone, from Hippies to Rastafarians to Avid Music Nuts.

TotallyOldSchool.com is a super psychedelic goodie, vibing a righteous mix of Bohemian eclecticism with Bay Area eccentricity. Can you dig it man?  We can go on and on about the grooviest online store you've ever seen, especially the most awesomeness customer service this side of love!  But I’d rather you experience this groovy vibe for yourself.

And just so you know... We're family run and love what we do!  Check us out and let us know how we did at totallyoldschool@freebirdco.com. You just might get a groovy little gift back atcha for being the coolest hippie ever! 

Catch you on the flip~side man!

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