Tie-dye Revival

Did you ever think you would use the terms tie-dye and chic all in one sentence and it would make sense?  Well, hold on to your love beads because tie-dye clothes are a current fashion trend.  But, please don't call it a comeback - it never really left!  At least not for some of us!  Tie-dye is definitely on the scene along with a groovy sixties/seventies revival.  From Peace Signs and Tie-Dyed clothes, to Hippie Buses and flower wreaths on young girls heads, the psychedelic verbe of mellow people has been reincarnated. 

Over a half-century has passed since Woodstock was awash with the rainbow swirled patterns.  But what was once considered Hippie is now considered Hip and Hipster’s are wearing it!  Grateful Deadheads aren’t the only ones knotting fabric and dying it to create vivid, mind-blowing patterns.  It seems that back-to-basics thinking is back in vogue and people of all ages and societal levels are jumping on the bandwagon.   

This is not just a fashion statement, it's a science experiment, art project and summer activity all in one. It’s a free-spirited expression that screams counter-culture.  Creating mind-blowingly-cool tie dye patterns takes a little bit of creativity and some artistic talent, but you can never really fail when making your own tie-dye creation.  Each one will be uniquely wonderful and will make you proud to have created it yourself.

Tie dye is to CA what Cowboy Hats are to TX.  It’s about time our beloved staple had another moment in the sun. Surfers, hipsters and socialites alike can agree that a pop of vibrant color is an ideal remedy for the Sunset’s summer doldrums or a workday confined to the office on one of those unbelievably gorgeous days that make you wish you were so lucky to live in The Bay.

So, deck yourself out in some tie-dyed awesomeness and strut down the street knowing that you are the coolest dude or chick on the block!  Wear it loud and proud!

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