The Evolution of Fashion - as told by the Garment itself

Artists use many different mediums to create their art – from paint and canvas to skin and ink.  Some Artists use fabric to create their works of art.  This Poet, Anne Gardner, vividly describes how some fashions begin in the minds of their designer before any sketch is ever drawn, before the fabric and embellishments are chosen and before any element is sewn together. Enjoy.  

The Evolution of Fashion©  (as told by the garment)  

I was conceived in his state

     of semi-awareness,

the faint light just before

     all consuming darkness

where creativity and emotion

     flow freely.


I watched as he weaved

     ethereal patterns and designs

where arms and legs,

     and a chest would be enfolded

ambiguous limbs

     enveloped for earthly living


I evolved to exude

     color and shadow, shape and form

grown in pieces,

     from endless fields of remnants

only to be joined as one,

     from full partiality.


As I observed him,

     envisioning the destiny of my design

he delved a little deeper

     into his enlightened mind

and drew out a cornucopia of embellishments –

     my very own


He then breathed in deeply

     and gently exhaled, giving in to sleep

replete with satisfaction,

     yet consumed with overwhelming desire

to see his vision complete…

    and bring me to life.©

                                                 By Anne Gardner



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